Turbulent Spring?

As we head into spring, the economy has never been so turbulent.   The Fed was supposed to cut rates, but at their meeting, they did an about-face and didn’t cut rates but stated cuts may not come this year. Mortgage rates soared, and the stock market tanked on the news. The job market remains strong, […]

Why Gen Z Brings Value to the Workplace

Gen Zers tend to be more highly educated, bringing a wealth of knowledge into the workplace. Most Gen Zers have grown up using Chromebooks at school, and many will have learned coding through Minecraft Education or other applications. As such, Gen Zers display high levels of digital literacy and can teach older generations nifty tech […]

Divorced Women Face Financial Challenges

Women who go through divorce may face various financial challenges as they navigate the transition to singlehood. Factors such as division of assets, alimony, child support, and individual financial responsibilities come into play. It’s crucial for divorced women to: 1. Understand Finances: Gain a clear understanding of their financial situation, including assets, debts, and ongoing […]

Thanksgiving 2023

Hello Spooners! I hope you and your families had a nice Thanksgiving Day. With the holidays here the Fed has been consumer-friendly in the last two meetings by not raising rates.  In fact, gas has dropped and some economists are thinking deflation-prices dropping. Could holiday cheer be any better than that?   That news is a great segue to […]

Holiday Budget

With the holidays just about two months away this is what the economists are preaching for holiday shopping this year:The report predicts that holiday sales, from November 2023 to January 2024 will reach between $1.54 trillion and $1.56 trillion. The projections represent more moderate growth than last year when holiday sales increased 7.6% and reached […]

The buy now pay later?

The buy now pay later is a force and real in consumerism. My humble opinion this growing trend is dangerous to all parties involved. Americans will take on more debt and make prices of the product or service increase as the cost to pay the provider takes longer so they tack on the cost to […]

Effects Of Divorce On Women’s Finances

Given the divorce rate above 60%, there are lots of changes that women must make following a divorce, namely with their finances. After a divorce is finalized, men hold 2.5 times the amount of wealth women do, and women’s household income falls 41% (compared to men’s 23%). Aug 23, 2023 Forbes The excerpt below is […]

Got Gas – 7/2023

Greetings!   With vacation time here, I hope you are getting some time away from the office.   I was thinking of a note to you with no mention of rates etc, real estate, and provide you with an interesting hot topic-fuel.    With the presidential election less than a year and a half away, the candidates chief focus […]

Get This Week Scoop – 7/2023

Final Friday is here and Scoops prepared a note of economic news and data to give you some guidance on the economy with a bias towards the real estate industry. What a turbulent time yet economists are optimistic there will be no global recession. Great news! Let’s read about this weeks news: New home sales […]

Get the Scoop 6/2023

This week brought about a myriad of real estate and mortgage news.   Home sales remained strong but lower year over year due to inventory shortages,  but similar in the amount of sales in May from April.  The lack of inventory has the country in a juggernaut.   Home builders in different parts of the country are […]